Artist's Statement

I am old enough to remember the Great Depression and some of the solutions various nations undertook. The FDR answer was to ensure that people had enough extra cash in their pockets to help the economy get moving. Next, Germany's solution: building tanks, subs and bombs. Of course, we all know what the outcome of that was.

Being a story-teller at heart, my youthful drawings began as attempts to visualize the hideous excitement of that war. By V-J Day I had begun to try to unravel the elements in society that are always destined to create bloody conflict. As time went on history and politics became my permanent obsession.

The formal elements in my work have undergone many changes, yet the subject-matter continues to ask the same sixty-four thousand dollar question: how do we avoid trying to kill-off our own species every twenty years? The answer probably lies, if anywhere, in the winds of our future. I hope I have unmasked at least some of the Devil's messengers, along with a few suggestions as to ways to expose their lies.

However, I particularly want to remind my students and fellow artists that our first obligation is always to try to follow what our guts demand.

Dick Morrill



Artist Statement
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